I offer a fully licensed and insured taxi service to and from Strathglass, Glen Affric, Inverness and the surounding areas. I can meet you from the airport, train station, bus station or pretty much anywhere in the surrounding areas taking you to your chosen destination. Booking is recommended especially for any unsocial hours. Please use the Contact Us page.



Are you visiting Inverness or Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands? I offer a customised tour for up to four people, going where you want to go, seeing the things you want to see and spending as much time in these places as you want. I am not like the tour buses which shove you on a coach going round at the pace of the slowest person. You control the tour - it's your day after all! If you are arriving at Invergordon on a cruise ship I can meet you outside the port and return you back at the gates or within the town centre for you to explorer the murials.

Minimum tour duration is 3 or 4 hours depending where you are going. Why, I hear you ask? The attractions in the Scottish Highlands are quite wide apart and sometimes you may have an hour's drive to get there so please bear that in mind.

This website is under construction and I'll add links in later but popular tours are listed below. Remember, if you have something in particular you want to do, let me know.

Tours are charged in 2 categories, 1-4 passengers and 5-8 passengers*. Contact me for prices. I am happy to accept €uro and US$ (based on the Post Office's buy back rate on the day). Please also look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" at the bottom of this page.

Dornoch Cathedral

Dunrobin Castle

Falls of Shin

Cawdor Castle

Culloden Battlefield

Inverness Castle

Urquhart Castle

Loch Ness

Glen Affric

Loch Mullardoch

Rogie Falls

Corrieshalloch Falls

Plodda Falls

Home Falls

Dog Falls

North 1=>  Dornoch - Dunrobin Castle - Falls of Shin - Millionaire's Viewpoint ~ 5 hours +

South 1=> Cawdor Castle - Culloden Battlefield - Inverness Castle - Urquhart Castle - Loch Ness - Scenic return ~ 6 hours +

South 2=> Inverness Castle - Urquhart Castle - Loch Ness - Glen Affric - Loch Mullardoch Deer Park** - Scenic return ~ 6 hours +

Wet Wet Wet=> Rogie Falls - Corrieshalloch Gorge - Plodda Falls - Home Falls - Dog Falls - Falls of Shin# ~ 7 hours +

NEW FOR 2018 Outlander Plus=> See the inspirations for Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of books and more. Click for more details.

On all our tours there is a possibility of seeing widlife** such as dolphins, seals, deer, pine martens, badgers, foxes, buzzards, eagles, falcons, hawks and owls.

Contact me to reserve your car.


Frequently Asked Questions about our tours...

Q. How do I secure a booking?

A. Once we have discussed your tour and agreed on timescales I'll send a PayPal invoice for 10%. This secures your car. Balance payable on the day. Deposit refunded if the ship fails to dock (cruises only).


Q. Can I pay the balance by card?

A. Due to costs incurred by the processing company (which we cannot pass on to you) we are no longer able to accept card payments in all cars. We accept cash in sterling (£) although we may be able to accept Euro and US Dollar at the Post Office Buy Back rate on the day. This is driver dependent so please ask if you would like to pay this way.


Q. Should I tip the driver and how much?

A. Tipping is not obligatory in the UK but no driver is going to refuse it from you and it shows them you have appreciated their time and knowledge. The best way to look at it is have you enjoyed your day and has the driver been courteous, knowledgable and fun? If yes, then by all means consider a tip. How much? Well make your starting point 10% of the tour price. If your driver was above average consider giving more if you want. If below average maybe a little less. Be assured that 100% of your tip stays with your driver.


Q. Where can I leave comments about my day?

A. If you have not had a great day please come to me first so we can discuss things first. If you have had a great day let others know on TripAdvisor. The link is *here*.

*If you have more than four passengers you can still contact me as I know other drivers with bigger cars.

**Nature is a beautiful thing up here and many forms of wildlife can be seen on our tours but because everything is in their natural surroundings we cannot guarantee sightings.

# Time permitting

PLEASE NOTE: My aim is to get all passengers back to the ship 45 minutes to an hour before the ship is scheduled to leave. If you choose to do additional activities to the agreed itinerary and it means that you miss the boarding of your ship, I and any driver working with me or on behalf of me, cannot be held responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred by yourself to re-board the ship AND that the agreed amount for the agreed tour with myself is still payable to myself or my driver at the end of the tour.

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